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GOMA WEBSITE TEAM: This version of the site is ONLY your CONTENT so far as I have it. It obviously doesn’t have any of the redesign work (which is being coded as I write this), or the images. Also, many of the links aren’t set yet, so you may find yourself clicking on text that looks like it should go somewhere, but doesn’t. That said, I believe this site now represents the entirety of the pages we outlined in that zany chart. Please click around and see what you think. The navigation up top should link to about everything on the site.

Aside from the aesthetic improvements, the biggest omission here is the content from the Tools and Resources section. That’s all going to be generated by the database we’re building. Stand-by: it’s going to be really cool (and easy to use).

Once again: please pay NO attention to the way the site looks or works: that’s all going to change radically with the new design. All this site shows is the content.

Thanks for your thoughts!



[highlight]{content will be put in place once design is done}[/highlight]