Decision Elements                      

Stakeholder Awareness, Outreach and Education

Watershed Characterization

Status and Trends in Water Quality and Nutrient Loading

Regulations, Policies, and Management Programs

Quantitative Reduction Targets

Analytical Tools

Management Practices

Monitoring Networks

Funding and Economic Incentives


Watershed Information Sources




Estuarine and Marine

EPA Surf Your Watershed



Digital Watershed by Michigan State University Institute of Water Research

Extent of Gulf “Dead Zone” mapped by Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium


Mississippi Water Quality Data Compendium


Gulf of Mexico Alliance Regional Tools

USGS SPARROW Surface Water Quality Modeling


National Coastal Condition Reports

EPA National Summary of Impaired Waters and TMDL Information

World Resources Institute Interactive World Map of Eutrophication and Hypoxia


EPA Nitrogen and Phosphorus Pollution Data Access Tool


EPA Gulf of Mexico Program Surf Your Gulf Watershed

Nutrients in the Nation's Streams and Groundwater, USGS Circular 1350



Also See Monitoring Networks, Status and Trends in Water Quality and Nutrient Loading