Federal Work Group
Thirteen federal agencies committed to supporting GOMA came together as a Federal Workgroup under the leadership of the NOAA, EPA Gulf of Mexico Program, and the U.S. Department of Interior (DOI). The goals of the Federal Workgroup are to support the Gulf States and to coordinate an integrated federal response to priority regional issues identified by GOMA. The Federal Workgroup brings diverse expertise and established experience. By coordinating and integrating these capabilities, the impact of federal resources was fully maximized. NOAA led monthly Federal Work Group calls; notes and presentations can be found here. As a result of effective Federal Work Group engagement, the monthly Federal Work Group webinar includes 13 federal agencies, including 150 people on Federal Workgroup email list and approximately 30 people on monthly webinars.

Public Relations Committee
The Public Relations (PR) Committee was established in June 2009 to promote the identity of GOMA, its mission, and the priority issues to stakeholders and the general public. The Public Relations Committee was composed of volunteers from partner organizations who dedicated a portion of their time to public relations activities. Since 2009, the PR Committee has provided consistent oversight for GOMA’s communication strategy. As of year-end 2014, GOMA’s effective communication strategies have resulted in approximately 2700 people who have voluntarily signed up for GOMA email list, over 700 twitter followers, 575 Linked In connections, and 8000 blog views.

Business Advisory Council
Business and industry involvement is vital to successfully achieving GOMA’s mission of healthy ecosystems and economies. For this reason, GOMA established a Business Advisory Council (BAC) in order to partner with industry members on priority issues and regional initiatives as well as to deepen a sense of stewardship for the Gulf of Mexico. The role of the BAC is to facilitate communication between the Alliance Management Team and the diverse groups of industries that are dependent upon the common resources of the Gulf of Mexico. GOMA’s BAC meets on a quarterly basis via conference call and once annually in person.

Industry Company
Tourism Gulf Divers, Inc.
Compass Media
Alabama Tourism and Visitors Bureau
Golf Course Superintendents Association
Oil & Gas Shell Exploration & Production
Chevron USA
Manufacturing Sherwin Alumina
Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association
Utilities Southern Company
Fishing Florida Coast Charters
Marine Transportation Gulf Ports Association of America
Port of Corpus Christi
Seafood Bon Secour Fisheries
Agriculture Local Farmer