Habitat Conservation and Restoration Team

GOMA promoted the implementation of on-the-ground projects by easing funding, policy, and technical hurdles that hinder program and project development. Throughout the implementation of Action Plan I and Action Plan II, the Habitat Conservation and Restoration Priority Issue Team was led by the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Team and coordinated by the Gulf of Mexico Foundation. Funding for team coordination was provided by EPA’s Gulf of Mexico Program and NOAA’s Coastal Services Center.

Habitat Conservation and Restoration ACTIONS

Expanded Partnerships

Identify and engage non-participating relevant United States stakeholders with interests in the health and sustainability of the Gulf, and coordinate specific issues with representatives from the Gulf Mexican states.

  • International Integration Workshops — Established a network between U.S. and Mexican counterparts, identifying common goals and key issues for the Gulf and formulating strategies for both countries.
  • Wetland and Coastal Habitat Conservation and Restoration — Led coordination efforts of the Habitat Conservation and Restoration team.
  • Habitat Conservation and Restoration-Continuation and Advancement of the HCRT Priority Issue Team — This project supports continued work on issues of habitat and conservation restoration and expands efforts on the development of international collaboration.
Policy Changes

Address specific public policy issues impeding habitat conservation and restoration.

Technology Development

Identify and resolve specific scientific and technical issues so that conservation and restoration of Gulf habitats are more successful.

Gulf Regional Sediment Management Master Plan

Develop and implement the Gulf Regional Sediment Management Master Plan to more effectively use dredged material and other sediment resources for restoration projects.

Reversing the Downward Trend in Habitat and Ecosystem Services

Monitor a Gulf-wide inventory of distribution, gain, and loss of coastal habitats and measure the ecosystem services they provide.

For more detailed information about project partners and funding, please download the full report here.