saaesd_asredA new partnership between the Gulf of Mexico Alliance and members of the Southern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors (SAAESD) and Association of Southern Region Extension Directors (ASRED) will expand efforts to balance agricultural needs with improved water quality.  The Alliance is a regional partnership of the five U.S. Gulf Coast States, numerous federal agencies, academia and non-governmental organizations.  SAAESD and ASRED include Agricultural Experiment Stations and Cooperative Extension Services of the southern states from Virginia to Oklahoma.

Those participating in the Alliance are:

Alabama Cooperative Extension System
Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station
Florida Cooperative Extension Service
Florida Agricultural Experiment Station
Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service
Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station
Mississippi State University Extension Service
Mississippi Agricultural & Forestry Experiment Station
Texas AgriLife Extension Service
Texas AgriLife Research

Incorporating SAAESD and ASRED members into the Alliance’s active programming and projects creates a gateway for communication regarding innovative agricultural projects in the region that can assist the Alliance in addressing various issues related to the health of Gulf waters.