The Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Task Force recently released its preliminary strategy for long term ecosystem restoration. The strategy was developed by the Task Force after an extended public feedback period and presents a great opportunity to address issues that contribute to the decline of the Gulf’s ecosystem, including increasing water quality, habitat restoration, coastal and marine resource protection and increasing community resilience.

Alliance acting director Phil Bass said, “The Alliance is eager to support Gulf restoration and applauds this effort by the Task Force to streamline a complex array of challenges and opportunities.” Noting that the goals of the strategy are in complete alignment with the Alliance’s priority issues, Bass indicated that the Alliance is in a position to significantly contribute to the successful implementation of the strategy.

The preliminary strategy is the first effort of its kind to be developed with the involvement of parties throughout the region, including the states, tribes, federal agencies, local governments and thousands of interested citizens and organizations. The plan further represents the Task Force’s commitment to continue working in unprecedented collaboration to achieve critical improvements.

The preliminary strategy document was available to the public for review and feedback until October 26, 2011. The Task Force will release the final version in December 2011.

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