The Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA) Water Quality team recently announced that USEPA is revising its recreational water quality criteria and some of those changes reflect points raised by Water Quality Team members. In a paper published in the Journal of Water and Health, the Water Quality team outlined a number of concerns regarding existing and proposed methods and criteria.

The Water Quality team made several recommendations including ensuring that criteria formulation uses data that include Gulf of Mexico-specific conditions, that rapid-testing methods be feasible and adequately controlled, and that USEPA maintains investments in water quality research once the new criteria are promulgated in order to assure that outstanding scientific questions are addressed and that scientifically defensible criteria are achieved for the Gulf of Mexico.

The paper was completed by GOMA partners on the Water Quality Team Pathogens Workgroup including Janet Gooch-Moore (NOAA), Kelly D. Goodwin (NOAA), Carol Dorsey (ADPH), R.D. Ellender (USM), Joanna B. Mott (TA&M-CC), Mark Ornelas (ADEQ), Chris Sinigalliano (NOAA), Bob Vincent (FDoH), David Whiting (FDEP) and Steven H. Wolfe (FDEP).

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