The Clean & Resilient Marina Guidebook is now available as a free download from the Gulf of Mexico Alliance website. The Clean & Resilient Marina Guidebook provides marina owners with useful information on tools and recommended best practices at marinas. Released by the Alliance’s Coastal Community Resilience Priority Issue Team, the guidebook can be found on the Gulf of Mexico Alliance’s website at The Alliance’s Clean & Resilient Marina Guidebook is a three-document set with an accompanying policy guide and educational brochure. The Guidebook addresses issues such as marina design and siting, emergency preparedness, evacuation procedures, storm water management and erosion control in order to help protect Gulf waters and control pollution. Producing the Clean & Resilient Marina Guidebook was a two-year effort of Alliance, in partnership with numerous marine industry officials and watercraft owners. The guidebook builds on existing clean marina certification programs in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Recommendations outlined in the guidebook promote resilient and environmentally responsible marina operations and practices to protect our inshore, nearshore and offshore waters.

“With more than 1,350 miles of coastline, 5,000 miles of inland and coastal rivers, 700 freshwater springs, countless lakes and a total economic impact of more than $20 billion, Floridians and the state’s working waterfronts depend on clean water more than any other natural resource,” said Brenda Leonard, Clean Marina Program Director for the State of Florida. “The Florida Clean Marina Program is proud to offer its full support to the Gulf of Mexico Alliance’s Clean and Resilient Marina effort.”

“I am excited over the prospect of offering participants in Louisiana’s Clean Marina Program the opportunity to be better prepared for, and to recover more rapidly from, storm events and other hazards with the GOMA Clean and Resilient Marina Program,” said Jon Truxillo, Coastal Resource Scientist with Louisiana’s Office of Coastal Management. “This program builds on the clean marina foundation, with strategies and resources to help better protect lives and property.”


About the Gulf of Mexico Alliance: The Gulf of Mexico Alliance is a partnership of the states of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas, with the goal of significantly increasing regional collaboration to enhance the ecological and economic health of the Gulf of Mexico. The Alliance encourages collaboration among government agencies, businesses, education providers and non-governmental organizations. Priority issues addressed by the Alliance include water quality, habitat conservation, ecosystem assessment, nutrient impacts, community resilience and environmental education. To learn more about the Gulf of Mexico Alliance, visit