Want to learn more about the value of the Earth’s ocean? It’s easy with the new video titled “Ocean Ecosystem Services.” This smart new 4 minute film engages people and helps to teach them how to get involved in saving the ocean habitat.

To increase awareness and understanding of ocean ecosystem services, GOMA’s Ecosystems Integration and Assessment and Environmental Education teams joined forces in the development of learning tools easily comprehensible by and accessible to educators and the general public alike.

The Socio-Economics Group (SEG) at the Harte Research Institute (HRI) was awarded a grant from the Dauphin Island Sea Lab to make ecosystem services videos available in different languages for different ethnicities that live on the Gulf of Mexico coast. Dr. David Yoskowitz, HRI Endowed Chair for Socio-Economics and member of the Ecosystems Team is “very pleased to announce the release of these ecosystem services videos that were devised to enhance the understanding of the importance of ecosystem services provided by our regional natural resources.”  The original English version was produced by HRI’s Lauren Hutchison and Brittany Blomberg.

English version:
Spanish version:

Additionally, the SEG translated the Spanish video “Servicios ecosistémicos, nuestra conexión vital con la biodiversidad” originally created by the Instituto de Investigación de Recursos Biológicos Alexander Von Humboldt, Colombia.  This video highlights the importance of biodiversity, a complex web of relationships and ecological processes, in affecting the well-being of society through the provision of ecosystem services. “For its simple language and its striking images, this video can be easily shared amongst those who are not familiar with topics related to biodiversity”in the English.

English version:
Vietnamese version:

If you have questions and/or comments related to the videos, please, contact GOMA Headquarters.