An Editorial by Laura Bowie, Executive Director

The Gulf of Mexico connects us culturally, spiritually and economically. We are who we are because of it. Ten years ago, some of us may have known each other, but through networks like GOMA, we’ve had the good fortune to build and nurture some enduring professional and personal relationships. May our joys be as deep as the Gulf and our misfortunes as light as the foam !
— LaDon Swann, Director of the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium, Gulf of Mexico Alliance 10-Year Celebration Toast

As I look back on the past several years, I see that the Gulf of Mexico Alliance is about connections. While we are all linked physically by the Gulf itself, what is unique about the people in the Alliance is that we believe that collaboration brings exponential benefits. We have found the formula for building relationships, building trust and building inclusive networks of people interested in doing good things for the Gulf.

I was reminded of how much each and every one of you have contributed to the Alliance as I looked around at the nearly 300 people at the 10-Year Celebration reception last week in Mobile. It was a great celebration of how far we have come. We presented Founders Awards to several people who were there when it all began in 2004-2005, and celebrated over 45 people for having been active with the Alliance for over five years.  We also recognized many Priority Issue Team members for their long-standing dedication to their teams.  Without the many Alliance supporters, the network of partnerships that is the Gulf of Mexico Alliance would not be where it is today.

The collaborative spirit is very much alive within our community, and it is in this spirit that the Alliance embarks on its next 10 years!