The Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council (Council) announced today the release of project submission guidelines and a new rule to support State planning efforts. This marks a significant milestone in the Council’s efforts to restore the ecosystem and economy of the Gulf coast region. With the release of these guidelines, Council members may begin submitting project and program proposals to the Council for funding. The Council will invest in specific actions, projects and programs to achieve on-the-ground results to restore the overall health of the ecosystem of the Gulf coast region.

The Council will select and fund projects/programs that restore and protect the natural resources, ecosystems, water quality, fisheries, marine and wildlife habitats, beaches, and coastal wetlands of the Gulf Coast region. Broad participation from the diverse stakeholders in the Gulf Coast region and will provide opportunities for public engagement. Dates and locations will be made available on the Council’s web site.

The Council also announced a new rule was published in the Federal Register for Gulf Coast states to receive funding for development of State Expenditure Plans. This will involve Spill Impact Component funds to be invested in planning and projects identified in approved State Expenditure Plans.

The submission window for the Council will close November 17, 2014. For the complete announcement and information go to