In 2014, the Gulf of Mexico Alliance (Alliance) celebrated ten years of successful collaboration and regional projects. After the realization of many completed Action Plan II initiatives, the Alliance began a third planning phase that will end with an Action Plan III by the close of 2015.

The first step toward this achievement has involved surveying and collecting information from Alliance members. Based on this feedback, reorganization and new priorities were created. Beginning January 2015 the organization’s new priorities are:

  • Community Resilience
  • Data & Monitoring
  • Education & Engagement
  • Habitat Resources
  • Water Resources
  • Wildlife & Fisheries

The Alliance also recognizes several issues that will need the attention of all the teams. These cross-team initiatives are:

  • Conservation, Restoration and Resilience Planning
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Marine Debris

The Community Resilience (CR) Team will hold an annual winter meeting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on February 4-6, 2015. As part of the meeting, team members will engage in strategic planning to discuss focus areas and actions in preparation for the new Action Plan III. New team members are welcome and anyone may be a member of Alliance teams. There are no membership requirements or dues payments.

To participate in the CR Team meeting, please register. To read more about the Alliance reorganization see the new page on this web site.