Gulf of Mexico oil spill related restoration and research continues to grow. To keep pace, the DWH Project Tracker (Tracker) is now updated with 57 projects. New projects added are those from the National Academy of Sciences Gulf Restoration Program, National Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) Phase III, and a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NWFW) project. Only funded programs are in the Tracker. This eliminates confusion on what is actually done versus the thousands of proposals submitted.

Funding programs continue to expand with dispersed settlement monies. Those managing oil spill related funding include federal, state, county, collegiate, and non-for-profit entities. Tracker partners added a News page to the site to stay abreast of announcements. Three organizations made recent announcements of selected or pending projects.

  • The National Academies Gulf Research Program announced the recipients of 12 exploratory research grants.
  • The Florida Center of Excellence Research Grant Program announced the first 10 awards for Gulf research.
  • The RESTORE Council released the Draft Funded Priorities List and is taking public comment through September 28, 2015.

Once decisions are final, Tracker partners will reach out to the managing entities to get the necessary metadata and add it to the Tracker. It is important to note that the actual field or lab data collected is not in the Tracker. Online locations like GRIIDC will be collecting that information and making it available.