The Gulf Coast Ocean Observing System (GCOOS) is all about #bigdata. In partnership with the Gulf of Mexico Alliance, GCOOS has nearly completed a project that incorporates nutrient and hypoxia datasets into their robust Data Portal. The Hypoxia-Nutrient Data Portal is now available

The goal of this partnership was to develop easy access to nutrient and hypoxia-related data for diverse stakeholders in the Gulf of Mexico. The new portal aggregates information from multiple sources to support informed strategies that will reduce nutrient inputs and hypoxia impacts to Gulf coastal ecosystems.

Parameters for the portal include current and historical datasets related to dissolved oxygen, dissolved nitrogen, phosphate compounds and many others. The project extends from the inshore waters of estuaries to the continental shelf break of the five U.S. Gulf states. A Hypoxia Decision Support Tool allows users to inspect base maps of observation locations down to the station level.

The Hypoxia-Nutrient Data Portal is the first of its kind in the region. GCOOS is committed to maintaining the resource. The project is the result of a Gulf of Mexico Alliance supplemental grant program initiated in 2013. The Data and Monitoring and Water Resources Teams are partners in this project.