The Gulf of Mexico Alliance (Alliance) received a major NOAA Coastal Resilience Grant today. Two of the six Alliance teams, Habitat Resources and Coastal Resilience, will work with ten coastal communities to foster resilience planning and promote best practices for future mitigation actions. The award will support the update of existing tools identified by communities as vital to the decision making process. The project aims to improve risk communication and will develop a Coastal Resilience Roadmap for use by communities throughout the Gulf to prepare for future hazards.

“The challenges confronting our nation’s coastal communities are incredibly complicated. Effective solutions are going to require strong science, ingenuity, and collaboration if they are going to safeguard and ensure the future vitality of our economy and valuable natural resources,” said Dr. Jeffrey Payne, Acting Director of the NOAA Office for Coastal Management.

The Alliance was awarded one of six grants totaling $4.5 million. NOAA received 132 proposals; creating a highly competitive selection process. The chosen projects improve coastal risk assessment and communication, promote collaborative resilience planning, and better inform science-based decisions. Read more information about NOAA’s Regional Coastal Resilience Grant program.

“The projects approved for funding represent opportunities to do just that. We are excited about what these partnership projects will accomplish at the local level and the positive impact this program will have on our nation.” Payne said.

Gulf of Mexico coastal communities will enter an Alliance competitive process for selection as one of the ten projects worth $45,000 each. The communities will evaluate ways to enhance resilience by working with experts from the Alliance teams. As the communities take new steps to become risk resilient, they will become part of a Resilience Community of Practice. Here, they will share their experiences with their peers and establish protocols from which others may learn.

This award is also a significant contribution to the Alliance’s new Gulf Star Program. The public-private partnership’s purpose is to support the implementation of the Alliance’s new Action Plan III, due to be published in early spring. The natural resource and human use component of the NOAA award is the perfect fit for team collaboration.

Coastal communities can anticipate a competition to open this fall through the Alliance website