Since 2004, the Gulf of Mexico Alliance (Alliance) has embarked on regionally shared issues of the five U.S. Gulf States. A new Ten Year Summary Report showcases the successes of the Alliance’s six Priority Issue Teams. Between 2004 and 2014, the Alliance and its partners have accomplished nearly 150 projects and nearly $18.9 million dollars have been directed toward the environmental well-being of the region through programs, conferences, and collaborations.

“We were receiving requests for past accomplishments and we wanted to highlight the hard work of the Priority Issue Teams,” said Executive Director Laura Bowie. “We really impressed ourselves as we compiled this documentation our work.”

The Ten Year Report highlights major projects accomplished by the Priority Issue Teams in the region. It also briefly covers historical milestones for the organization.

“Our 2016 All Hands Meeting is June 15 – 17 in Baton Rouge. Armed with where we’ve been, we are looking forward to new work with our Action Plan III,” Bowie said. The plan is available online or for download. See our dedicated webpages at