5logosClimate change planning models and tools are very abundant. Many people are overwhelmed where to start. Supported by a grant from the EPA Gulf of Mexico Program, the Climate Change Decision Support Tree will help community stakeholders and natural resource managers choose which tools are right for their projects. The Climate Outreach Community of Practice (CCoP) just completed a tool and model inventory. Feedback indicated that users don’t know which tool or model to choose. The idea for a decision support tree organically grew from there.

The CCoP Tools Working Group is co-led by the Northern Gulf of Mexico Sentinel Site Cooperative and NOAA Office for Coastal Management. They were looking for opportunities to expand the use of coastal management tools and reached out to the GOMA Resilience Team to broaden the scope of the work. GOMA and the Sentinel Site Cooperative secured funding from the EPA Gulf of Mexico Program to develop the Climate Change Decision Support Tree. With the award in place, time was dedicated to working through what was needed for the Decision Support Tree during the 2016 All Hands meeting.

Christina Morhman is putting all the pieces together. With over a decade of experience in bringing stakeholders and resources together, her function is to coordinate the partners to develop the Decision Support Tree. The first step is to host a series of workshops by the end of the year. These will help identify specific climate change issues that stakeholders are addressing.

Christina will evaluate various climate change tools applicable to the needs reported during the workshops and then work with computer experts in the development of a simple, user-friendly Decision Support Tree. In the end, individuals should be able to conduct their support assessment online.

Contact Christina Morhman at cmohrman@disl.org if you are interested in joining the mailing list, participating in the future workshops, or if you have a tool you’d like considered for the project.

Visit these webpages for more information on individual partners.