The annual Gulf of Mexico Climate and Resilience Community of Practice meeting was recently hosted by the City of Covington, Louisiana. The purpose was to help planners learn about tools and methods that can be used to make their communities better prepared for coastal hazards. As part of the two-day meeting, a local community panel included representatives from Rockport, Texas; Ocean Springs, Mississippi; Fairhope, Alabama; Covington, Louisiana; and Dade County, Florida. They presented their most recent efforts ranging from incorporating the Community Rating System into their municipal plans, to developing a flash flood communication tool, to installing hybrid living shorelines to protect property from erosion with minimal impacts on the environment. Grants from GOMA and other organizations have recently assisted communities to implement projects to address a climate adaptation need or challenge in the community.

Other sessions at the Community of Practice meeting included a presentation on the 4th National Climate Assessment (to be released next year), demonstrations of how green infrastructure can have positive effects on adaptation, and how different sectors are addressing climate and resilience-related issues.

Next year’s Community of Practice meeting will be co-hosted by GOMA and Texas Sea Grant. Anyone is welcome to attend.  To learn more about the Community of Practice visit their website: