The Joint Ocean Commission Initiative (JOCI) released the Ocean Action Agenda in March. The digital report details ocean and coastal policy actions that should be taken to safeguard the benefits provided from America’s oceans, coasts, and Great Lakes, including jobs, food, health, recreation, and overall well-being.

The Joint Initiative, a bipartisan group of senior leaders, worked with local, state, and regional leaders from the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico to develop these actions. Organized into nine priority areas they are:

  • Build strong coasts and economies
  • Support regional collaboration
  • Be an international leader
  • Invest in science and research
  • Prioritize U.S. interests in the Arctic
  • Support healthy economies and ecosystems
  • Foster sustainable fisheries
  • Facilitate responsible offshore energy
  • Support an ocean investment fund

The actions in the report were informed by a series of Regional Ocean Leadership Round tables in the U.S. Arctic and East, West, and Gulf Coasts. At these round tables, the Joint Initiative brought together local, state, tribal, and national leaders representing diverse industry, government, and nonprofit interests to identify creative solutions to critical ocean and coastal issues.

At the Gulf of Mexico Ocean Leadership Round table, the Joint Initiative convened leaders from the Gulf States to discuss urgent economic and environmental challenges they face. Participants emphasized the need for strong federal support for ecological and economic restoration in the Gulf.

The Regional Ocean Leadership Round tables provided insights about each region’s specific ocean and coastal needs. Read the report and get a copy from the JOCI.