Congratulations to the 2017 Gulf of Mexico Alliance Photo Competition winners!

We’ve tinkered with the photos to place them here so they will not reflect their original quality. We will release a link to all photos once the winners have all been announced.

18 & Under

Best in Show: EU1 – Cory Diaz

Honorable Mention: EU12 – Trey Spearman








18 & Over

Best in Show

Best in Show: WR 2 – Joe Meiman


Category Results

Coastal Resilience

1ST: CR17 – Caitlin Snyder

2ND: CR15 – Caitlin Snyder

3RD: CR25 – Rick Ranew











Data and Monitoring

1ST: DM3 – Chris Simoniello

2ND: DM9 Kieu Tran

3RD: TIE DM2 Erika Zambello

3RD: TIE DM4  Julie Austin


















Education and Engagement

1ST: EE5 – Erika Zambello


2ND: EE23 – Mia Stevens

3RD: EE22 – Mia Stevens











Habitat Resources

1ST: HR1 – Jace Tunnel

2ND: HR2 – Jace Tunnell

3RD: HR34 – Dorothy Pierini-Rodgers









Wildlife and Fisheries

1ST: WF68 – Dan Womack

2ND: WF62 – Roxana Walters


3RD: WF66 – Woody Woodrow








Water Resources

1ST: WR12 – Janessa Cobb

2ND: WR17 – Roxana Walters

3RD: WR9 – Caitlin Snyder