As the Gulf of Mexico community continues to advance the tools for data collection, interpretation, and analysis, there may be value in establishing a network for information sharing among system modelers. Organizers want to gauge interest in a new community of practice by casting a wide net for anyone who is interested in the many aspects of modeling – data inputs through end users.

A draft “Gulf Modeling Community of Practice Purpose and Need Statement” proposes the new community will:

  • Establish a platform to communicate major modeling activities in the Gulf region. It will enhance collaborations; avoid duplications or excessive overlap. The “platform” could be a website, special sessions at a regional conference, listserv, google site, GitHub for specific models software repository, etc.
  • Establish regular communications (e.g., quarterly/semi-annual webinars): to disseminate information on existing and/or imminent modeling activities funded in any of the Gulf States that could be of interest to other groups.
  • Establish existing “needs” for modeling efforts. Teams could be formed to address these needs with resource managers and target appropriate funding sources.
  • Longer term strives for an inventory of modeling infrastructure – including modeling R&D, expertise, modeling capacities, and modeling data and delivery systems that we can point to that hopefully enhances the availability, use, and usability by partners.
  • Consist of at least two people from each of the five Gulf States and the relevant federal agencies.

An introductory call scheduled for 2:00 pm Eastern Time on Monday, May 21st will discuss the purpose, need, structure, and function of the new group going forward. Following this preliminary conversation, a small workshop will convene during the 2018 All Hands Meeting. This will be followed up with more work at the 2019 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Ecosystem Science Conference (GOMOSES).

To engage early, email Libby Fetherston-Resch at if you are interested in learning more about this group, the May 21st call, or future activities.

Modeling Community of Practice Call: Monday May 21, 2018, 2:00 pm Eastern Time
Conference Line: 888-670-3525
Guest Code: 2880645304#