The results are in. We received over 300 photos! If you don’t see your photo here, watch for it in the Embrace the Gulf social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thank you to our volunteers who worked on this competition. Thank you to each every one of you for submitting such outstanding, positive images related to the Gulf of Mexico.


Bill Bass

1st Place Youth

Helen McNally

2nd Place Youth

Owen Matthew

3rd Place Youth

Joshua Gavin

1st Place Community

Maggie Johnston

2nd Place Community

Hank Hodde

3rd Place Community

Jamie Letendre

1st Place Economy

Brandon Wilt

2nd Place Economy

David Salters

3rd Place Economy

Jeanne Allen

1st Place Education

2nd Place Education

Jamie Letendre

3rd Place Education

Jennifer McGee

1st Place Environment

Gina Bramble

2nd Place Environment

Jennifer McGee

3rd Place Environment

Jace Tunnell

1st Place Tourism

Patrycja Stubbs

2nd Place Tourism

Darryl Boudreau

3rd Place Tourism

Kim Jacobs