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With the Embrace the Gulf 2020 campaign officially underway, we often get the question, “how can I help?”

Five ways to help the campaign

  • Make It Official by becoming a Partner or Sponsor at embracethegulf.org – Get Involved

    Some 65 organizations around the Gulf of Mexico made their campaign participation official. Join the growing movement.  

  • Engage Our Social Media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram  

    We’re pushing out a message a day. Surely, there is something to entice you or your organization to like, love, and share. Perhaps you’ll create unique messages. Be sure to tag us with @GoMAlliance and #EmbraceTheGulf, #ETG2020.

  • Co-Brand an Event during the Year 2020

    Do you host a regular event? Are you already planning an activity? Make Embrace the Gulf the theme, and we’ll log it into our calendar.

  • Adopt a Resolution proclaiming 2020 the year to Embrace the Gulf.

    There are 27 proclamations made by Gulf states, cities, parishes, counties, organizations, and agencies with more in the works. Join these communities.  

  • Link to EmbraceTheGulf.org

    It is simple. Just provide a link on your website to our website. Connect it with your resources. Or, write a blog about what the Gulf of Mexico means to you and link it to us.  

Five ways to help embrace the Gulf of Mexico

  • Eat Gulf seafood.

    No more delicious, healthy seafood can be found anywhere else. Support our local economies and communities by insisting on Gulf of Mexico sourced seafood.

  • Experience a nature-based activity.

    Get out there and enjoy what our Gulf coastal landscapes have to offer. Walk, swim, canoe, watch wildlife, or simply take in a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Maybe you’ll tell us about it through a blog post or on social media.
  • Pick up waste.

    Yuck. Make a habit of picking up trash and your pet’s waste. Keep those pathogens and nutrients out of the environment. Enough said.

  • Reduce, reuse, repurpose, and recycle items in your home or office.  

    Find ways to avoid sending items to the landfill. Cut down on plastic waste by using a substitute for plastic cups, utensils, plates, and straws.

  • Become educated and get involved.

    You can make a difference. Strive to learn something new about the Gulf and our local environments. Join a local group to turn intention into action.

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