As part of an NOAA Regional Coastal Resilience Grant award, GOMA envisioned a Resilience Roadmap to assist communities with finding a pathway to move forward on priority actions that could enhance their resilience. As grant work progressed,  it became clear that the steps or “process” of implementing projects to increase resilience should be the main focus of Roadmap. Thus, GOMA created The Community Actions Board.

The actual “game board” is printed on a laminated 26” x 17” wipe-off board. It introduces communities to foundational tools tested by other communities. It gives them space to capture their ideas and brainstorm solutions. This wipe-off board contains an area to organize resilience discussions and turn them into tangible steps towards action.

The tool gives communities a way to intentionally develop their resilience ideas into actions and visually see where steps are most appropriate. The board can be used to:

  • brainstorm high priority actions to enhance community resilience;
  • serve as a starting point for more detailed hazard mitigation planning;
  • spark conversations about win-win solutions for balancing community growth with conservation of resources;
  • determine appropriate ways to enhance community transportation network and routes;
  • rethink community stormwater management and create recommendations for future infrastructure placement; and
  • suggest creative solutions for protecting wildlife while encouraging ecotourism or other economic growth.

There is no limit to the use of the resource. Contact Tracie Sempier for more information.