The Gulf of Mexico Alliance developed an overarching strategy for regional data sharing. It includes 1) stakeholder engagement to identify data uses, gaps, and barriers; 2) data identification; and 3) data connection through the Gulf of Mexico Open Data Platform. The strategy aligns with five priority habitats identified by our Teams: seagrass, oysters, benthic, salt marsh, and mangroves. The Oyster Blueprint is the result of a stakeholder engagement workshop with oyster managers from around the Gulf region, held in January 2020.

The workshop included presentations from regional experts in fisheries management, restoration, aquaculture, and research. Participants provided input on oyster data use, sharing, needs, and resources during breakout sessions. Stakeholders recommended exploring the development of a Community of Practice to further support oyster management data sharing in the future. The Oyster Blueprint provides a summary of these discussions.

The project was funded in part by an award from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to support regional data sharing and integration.

Download a copy: A Blueprint for Regional Data Sharing in the Gulf of Mexico: Oyster Data Sharing.