Please join the Gulf of Mexico Alliance as we welcome Dave Reed to GOMA Headquarters as our new Program Director.

You may already know Dave from GOMA’s Data & Monitoring Team. Or perhaps you are familiar with Dave from our popular “Tool Time” series? Dave’s involvement in the Gulf of Mexico Alliance began with the old Data Management Advisory Committee. As Program Director, Dave’s job is to support the Alliance’s Priority Issue Teams in implementing their actions in Governors’ Action Plan IV for Healthy and Resilient Coasts. It includes facilitating the Alliance Coordination Team as the bridge between the Governors’ appointees and team members. He supports annual and semiannual team meetings, and tracking and reporting on progress of completed actions.

Upon joining the organization as an employee, Dave Reed noted, “I’ve enjoyed working with GOMA over the years as both a team member and co-Chair. I am looking forward to being able to spend 100% of my time collaborating and working toward Alliance objectives.”

The Gulf of Mexico Alliance has six priority issues, including enhancing coastal resilience, improving data access and baseline monitoring, increasing stewardship through education and engagement, conserving and restoring habitat resources, improving the health of wildlife and fisheries, and improving water quality. Three specific initiatives need multi-team support, including conservation and resilience planning, marine debris, and ecosystem services. All of these are well-functioning, volunteer committees that require intentional support to be successful.

“Dave has been a big part of the Alliance’s success throughout the years. With collaborations around data and systems becoming more and more important to the region, we are super excited to have him join us full time,” noted Laura Bowie, Alliance Executive Director.

As with so many who participate in GOMA, Dave serves remotely from his home base in Bradenton, Florida.

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