This month, GOMA’s Education and Engagement Team hosted a “Fully Serving the Underserved” virtual workshop for over 150 participants from all over the country. Clinton Johnson, leader of the Racial Equity Team at Esri, led off the two-day workshop with a keynote presentation, weaving together the history of redlining, his personal family story, and ways to increase representation and belonging. He charged participants with three key actions to take going forward: 1) broaden your perspectives for who needs to be at the table, 2) engage authentically, and 3) commit to the long-term.
Following the keynote, attendees participated in three sessions focused on sharing ways to identify, engage, and support unserved, underserved, and underrepresented populations. Panelists shared their knowledge and expertise related to best practices for working with coastal communities, veterans, underserved youth, and more. During breakout sessions, participants investigated these topics further while exploring scenarios for building resilience in a fictitious coastal community.
GOMA will post session recordings and additional materials on our website. The Education and Engagement Team is also discussing next steps to continue professional development and sharing opportunities related to these important topics. Look for more information and updates in the near future.
Thank you to the steering committee and speakers for their time and dedication to making this project a success! And, thank you again to Equinor for providing support through our Gulf Star program to make this workshop possible.