The Gulf of Mexico Regional Research Funders Forum serves as an open platform for all funding programs who support research in the Gulf of Mexico to meet and share research needs, priorities, opportunities and challenges. The goal of the Research Funders Forum is to increase collaboration and coordination among research funding entities in the Gulf of Mexico region in order to maintain high quality research.

Guiding Principles

  • Focus on discovery-based and translational research activities
  • Use volunteers who work together because they believe the outcome of collaboration will be greater than the sum of individual research program activities
  • Be inclusive, transparent and accessible: represents federal, state, NGO and other funding entities
  • Offer opportunities for coordination of regional research, to reduce duplication of effort, and to collaborate on jointly-funded programs
  • Undertake long-range regional research visioning (long-range as defined by program lifecycles of 20-30 years)


Any group that financially supports research or issues research grants, contracts or cooperative agreements is eligible to participate in the Research Funders Forum. The Research Funders Forum may include governmental, industry, academic, foundation and other programs that either fund research that is conducted within their organization or fund research that is conducted outside of their organization.



The Research Funders Forum meets on a semi-annual basis at meetings of opportunity. A listserv is maintained and partners stay in communication by periodic email updates.