The Gulf of Mexico Monitoring Community of Practice (MCoP) provides a forum for sharing and coordinating monitoring and mapping knowledge with the larger restoration community. The MCoP coordinates experts to support the RESTORE Council’s Monitoring and Assessment Program (CMAP) and discuss regional information needs and gaps, monitoring attributes, data sharing and management, and outcomes of Gulf restoration to ensure the use of best available science for project planning and implementation. The initial effort of the MCoP is funded by and focuses on the RESTORE CMAP, however, participant input will be fundamental in shaping the direction and activities of the MCoP moving forward!

What’s in it for members?

  1. Access to reliable monitoring and mapping information.
  2. Provide valuable feedback for RESTORE Council Monitoring and Assessment Program products.
  3. Network with regional monitoring and mapping experts and practitioners.
  4. Voice your organization’s monitoring and mapping priorities, needs, and challenges.

Resource Overview

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2018 All Hands Meeting Workshop

The MCoP held a pre-meeting on June 11th in coordination with the GOMA All Hands meeting. The new group began to establish a network for sharing and coordinating monitoring and mapping information – data discovery through organization challenges and needs.  The agenda included the group’s objectives and tasks, discussion on long-term direction, participant expectations, and feedback opportunity for the RESTORE Council’s Monitoring and Assessment Program task deliverables. This was the first meeting of this group.  Get involved now to help shape this new community of practice by contacting the Coordinator, Ali Robertson.



Ali Robertson


This project was funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce through a cooperative agreement between the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Gulf of Mexico Alliance  under award number NA17OAR4170329 to the University of Southern Mississippi.