The Data Management Advisory Committee (DMAC) provides guidance to the Gulf of Mexico Alliance to facilitate the efficient preservation and use of data for promoting the ecological and economic health of the Gulf of Mexico.

Long-term Goals

  • Develop, implement, and maintain an evolving plan for the efficient preservation, discovery, and use of data and information in the Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA)
  • Enable collaboration in the area of data management among the Priority Issue Teams.

Priority Issue Team Top Data Management Priorities

  • Access to data collected by other Teams
  • Identify data formats and metadata standards to ensure QA
  • Increase coordination and reduce duplication of effort in data collection/data management/ technical pursuits
  • Data in a format accessible by other Teams

Additional Data Management Needs for which Teams requested DMAC Support

  • Web access to data, easily discoverable
  • Repository and stewardship for shared GOMA resources (data and storage)
  • Data portal for real-time, continuous data
  • Distribution of publications (common website)
  • Create a regional data system for all Teams to discover and hold data
  • Establish a data viewer to visualize data
  • Access simplified data that lay person can manipulate