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  • We Are Here (3/31/2020) - From the beginning, organizers designed the Gulf of Mexico Alliance to be a regional organization. So, in essence, we've been working remotely for 16 years now.
  • Stuck at Home Educational Resources (3/31/2020) - The Alliance's Education and Engagement Team is working to support families as they transition into home-based learning. The "Stuck at Home" resource is an informal compilation of online materials for K-12 as well as all ages.
  • Shout Out this month to Plastic Free Gulf Coast and the Mississippi Coastal Cleanup Program (3/31/2020) - Shout Out this month to Plastic Free Gulf Coast and the Mississippi Coastal Cleanup Program for their work during Mardi Gras.
  • New Training: Adapting to a Changing Gulf Region (3/31/2020) - The Alliance's Conservation, Restoration & Resilience Planning Cross-Team Initiative is working to develop, and begin implementing, a strategy for how to achieve a Gulf Coast Adaptation and Resilience Plan (GCARP). The Initiative decided to commission the development of an online training curriculum.
  • Community Actions Board: An Intentional Way to Develop Resilience (3/31/2020) - The Gulf of Mexico Alliance developed a physical, wipe-off board called the Community Actions Board. With resilience in mind, communities can brainstorm actions and solutions.
  • Wednesday Webinar: Vulnerability and Adaptation Planning (3/24/2020) - Join us for our Wednesday Webinar on Vulnerability and Adaptation Planning with the LA Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority March 25th at 2:00 pm central.
  • South Mississippi Living Magazine Embraces World Water Day (3/3/2020) - Water, water everywhere, and every local drop is flowing to the Gulf of Mexico.
  • GoMOSES 2020 a Time of Reflection and Anticipation (2/28/2020) - The final Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill and Ecosystem Sciences (GoMOSES) conference in Tampa, Florida, welcomed nearly 700 people, representing 32 U.S. states and 10 countries, and included 82 oral sessions and two poster sessions. Organizers are anticipating a new bi-annual, Gulf of Mexico Conference for the future.
  • What You Can Do to Embrace the Gulf (2/28/2020) - With the Embrace the Gulf 2020 campaign officially underway, we often get the question, “how can I help?” Five ways to help the campaign Make It Official by becoming a Partner or Sponsor at – Get Involved Some 65 organizations around the Gulf of Mexico made their campaign participation official. Join the growing movement.…
  • Mardi Gras Throws – Mardi Gras Woes (2/25/2020) - Happy Mardi Gras! The Gulf Coast loves a good party. Festivities are spreading to new communities every year. The Krewes are generous and you are loaded down with more throws than you know what to do with. Here are a few resources to help make this festive season friendly on the environment.
  • And the Paddle the Gulf logo winner is … (2/13/2020) - The outreach and event planning working group for Paddle the Gulf recently announced the winning logo for the new initiative. Paddle the Gulf aims to network and showcase coastal blueway paddle trails throughout the five Gulf of Mexico States
  • 2019 Gulf Star Annual Report (2/5/2020) - The Gulf of Mexico Alliance Gulf Star Program 2019 annual report is available. It boasts some impressive numbers. Download a copy of the report.
  • Embrace the Gulf Photo Contest Winners! (2/5/2020) - Congratulations to our winners. We had an outstanding group of nearly 300 photos to judge. See the winning entries.
  • Gulf of Mexico Alliance Mid-Year Meeting Recap (2/5/2020) - In January 2020, the Monitoring Community of Practice and Priority Issue Teams (Data and Monitoring, Education and Engagement, Habitat Resources, Water Resources, Wildlife and Fisheries) held combined meetings in Mobile, AL. Some 200 attendees discussed early planning on the Alliances next action plan.
  • GEMS Project Is Making Strides (1/30/2020) - The Gulf of Mexico Ecosystem Service Logic Models and Socio-Economic Indicators (GEMS) project is working to standardize measures of the socioeconomic benefits of restoration. With billions of dollars forecast over the coming decade, a set of common models and metrics relevant across projects, programs, and locations can facilitate effective project planning and evaluation. The project…
  • Alliance Strategic Planning Survey: 2021 and Beyond (1/14/2020) - The Gulf of Mexico Alliance (Alliance) is making excellent progress on many of its goals. We invite you to help us as we are beginning the early stages of planning for Action Plan IV. Please take this survey to inform our progress. In June of 2016, the Alliance released the Governors’ Action Plan III for Healthy…
  • The Gulf of Mexico Alliance Kicks Off “Embrace the Gulf 2020” Campaign (1/6/2020) - This month, the Gulf of Mexico Alliance (Alliance) is launching “Embrace the Gulf 2020,” a daily awareness campaign highlighting the value and vitality of the world’s ninth-largest body of water. The goal of the campaign is to promote the sustainability, beauty, and productivity of the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Laura Bowie has the “Final Say” this month in South Mississippi Living Magazine (1/6/2020) - The Embrace the Gulf 2020 campaign is off and running! Each month during 2020, South Mississippi Living magazine will feature the Gulf of Mexico Alliance and the #EmbraceTheGulf campaign. For January, the Alliance’s Executive Director, Laura Bowie, had the “Final Say”. Turn to page 146 in the January edition and read what the Gulf of…
  • Crist Introduces Regional Ocean Partnership Bill, Addresses Gulf of Mexico and Coastal Concerns (12/16/2019) - U.S. Representative Charlie Crist (D-FL), along with Representatives Steven Palazzo (R-MS), Alan Lowenthal (D-CA), and Chris Smith (R-NJ), introduced the Regional Ocean Partnership Act (H.R. 5390). The bill would formally authorize Regional Ocean Partnerships (ROP) as partners with the federal government to address ocean and coastal concerns. It will provide ROPs with more consistent funding to help them perform their critical mission of supporting ocean and coastal health, sustainability, and resiliency. 
  • Update: Gulf Star Water Watch Programs (11/26/2019) - The Water Resources Team has recently supported the expansion of citizen science programs in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas.  All three projects are part of the Gulf Star program and partially funded by the Hess Corporation. All three programs are focused on water quality and marine debris monitoring, data collection, and analysis.
  • Ensuring Data Access through Regional Data Sharing (10/30/2019) - The Gulf of Mexico Alliance (Alliance) is a Regional Ocean Partnership with a mission to collaboratively enhance the ecological and economic health of the region through multiple Priority Issue Teams and working groups.  One of the priorities identified in the Alliance’s Governors' Action Plan III is the need to "coordinate data efforts and exchange information across local, state, and federal programs."  The Alliance recently received funding through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to address this priority.
  • Building Cultural Resilience with the Pointe-Au-Chien Tribe in coastal Louisiana (10/30/2019) - On September 30th, Alliance staff visited the Pointe-Au-Chien Tribe for an update on their resilience project. The Tribe is working to save culturally important native plants as part of their community resilience plan in Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes, LA. They've made a lot of progress on this Gulf Star project sponsored by BHP.
  • Making Strides on Harmful Algal Blooms (10/30/2019) - The Alliance Water Resources Team focuses its efforts on a wide range of water resource concerns affecting the region. Through Gulf Star support, the Alliance is making strides addressing the issue of harmful algal blooms (HABs). The Team is working with partners on observation glider deployments, handheld generic sensors, and a study on the economic impacts. And, in January, the Water Resources Team is joining the Education and Engagement Team for a one-day discussion on the science and communication of harmful algal blooms.
  • Enter Now – Embrace the Gulf Photo Competition (10/30/2019) - The Gulf of Mexico Alliance Education and Engagement Team invites you to participate in an Embrace the Gulf photo competition. We need photographs that relate to any of our five campaign themes: community, environment, education, economy, and tourism. Think positive and show us that! We want to embrace all the good things about the Gulf of Mexico. 
  • Gulf of Mexico Alliance Wins Gulf Guardian Award (9/27/2019) - The Gulf of Mexico Alliance (Alliance) received two 2019 Gulf Guardian Awards at a ceremony hosted by the EPA Gulf of Mexico Division in Gulfport, MS. The Programs that were recognized are the regional Gulf Star public-private partnership, and Gulf Tree, an interactive decision-support tree to help users find climate tools.