Understanding Nekton Use of Estuarine Habitats in the Gulf of Mexico

The Alliance's Wildlife & Fisheries Team recently contracted with Abt Associates to produce the guidebook, Understanding Nekton Use of Estuarine Habitats in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. This guidebook targets habitat-specific nekton use and recovery to help natural resource managers plan, implement, and evaluate habitat restoration and protection projects. Work supported could include setting restoration goals, designing projects, monitoring, and communicating project benefits. 

Alliance releases Community Impacts Report Gulf Coast Communities: Taking Action for a Better Tomorrow

Recognizing that coastal communities are at risk to natural, economic, and technological disasters, the Gulf of Mexico Alliance (Alliance) provided small grants for communities through a series of different funding opportunities. Documenting the assistance, the recently-published Community Impacts Report summarizes the work supported by the Alliance and its partners across the Gulf of Mexico.

Tools Café – Call for Virtual Demonstrations

The Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA) is still accepting submissions for the 2020 Tools Café to take place virtually through a series of webinars. Although we are not meeting in person in June, we will host a series of virtual cafés to showcase tools and allow participants an opportunity to ask questions.