All Projects

  1. Application of the Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment
  2. Aransas County, TX: Joining the Community Rating System
  3. Building Industry Engagement
  4. Citizen Science Water Monitoring in the Florida Panhandle
  5. Citizen Scientist Microplastic Monitoring and Outreach
  6. Cleanup of Largo Sound and John Pennekamp Waters
  7. Climate and Resilience Case Study Videos
  8. Coastal Resilience and Marine Debris Videos
  9. Coastal Resilience Video Coordination
  10. Conducting Best Available Science Reviews on RESTORE Council-Funded Projects
  11. Connectivity of Sea Turtles in Gulf Habitats
  12. Covington, LA: Developing a Flood Response Plan
  13. Covington, LA: Improving Stormwater Drainage
  14. Cross-Sector Snapshot of Community Resilience
  15. Developing Capacity for Adaptation and Resilience Planning
  16. Diamondback Terrapin Conservation Action Plan
  17. Economic Impacts of Water Quality Issues
  18. Embrace the Gulf Social Media Campaign
  19. Enhancing GOMAportal to Improve Data Access
  20. Evaluating the Impacts of Hurricanes on Dolphins
  21. Expansion of Glider Operations to Inform HAB Prediction
  22. Fairhope, AL: Designing Flood Water Mitigation Measures
  23. Fostering Resilient Building Practices
  24. Gulf Coast Bird Observatory Field House Rehab
  25. Gulf of Mexico Monitoring Community of Practice
  26. Gulf of Mexico Open Data Platform
  27. Gulf TREE
  28. Gulf-wide Seagrass Monitoring and Needs Assessment 
  29. Hurricane Harvey Sea Turtle Hospital Pool Project
  30. Improving Regional Data Sharing
  31. Improving Water Quality by Utilizing Floating Wetlands
  32. Incorporating Socio-Economic Indicators into the Community Resilience Index
  33. Increasing Resources for Homeowner Preparedness
  34. Islamorada, FL: Mapping the High Hazard Area
  35. Linking Science Communication and Municipal Planning
  36. Living Shoreline Data Inventory, Gap Analysis, and Geodatabase
  37. Living Shoreline Stabilization at DeSoto National Memorial
  38. Living Shoreline Suitability Model for Tampa Bay
  39. Louisiana Citizen Science Water Monitoring
  40. Louisiana Inshore to Offshore Water Monitoring
  41. Louisiana Sediment Planning Tool Development
  42. Marine Debris Dash
  43. Marine Debris Education and Prevention Program
  44. Matagorda Bay Oyster Reef Enhancement
  45. Monitoring and Metadata Catalog
  46. New Orleans Youth Conservation Corps - Invasive Species
  47. New Port Richey, FL: Increasing Flood Protection
  48. Nutrient Reduction Social and Civic Engagement Survey
  49. Ocean Springs, MS: Increasing Business Continuity 
  50. Orange Beach, AL: Communicating Risk
  51. Plastic Free Gulf Coast
  52. Pointe-Au-Chien Community Resilience
  53. Regional Sediment Management Tool for the Northern Gulf of Mexico
  54. Replacing Animal Care Equipment for Rehabilitation
  55. Seagrass Status and Trends
  56. South Padre Island, TX: Creating a Shoreline Management Master Plan
  57. Species Recovery Plan Review
  58. Stakeholder Resources for Living Shorelines
  59. Tangipahoa Parish, LA: Enhancing Flood Protection Policies
  60. Terrebonne/LaFourche Parishes, LA: Using Recycled Oyster Shells to Prevent Erosion
  61. Texas Citizen Science Water Monitoring
  62. Tracking Trash
  63. Understanding Recovery and Species Use of Restored Habitats
  64. Updates to the Homeowners Handbook
  65. Updating StormSmart Connect
  66. Updating the Coastal Community Resilience Index
  67. Watershed Monitoring with Underserved High School Students
  68. Wind Engineering Testing for Optimal Design for Wind Hazards
  69. xpansion of a Handheld Genetic HAB Sensor Network