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2022 Newsletters

2021 Newsletters

  • GOMA December E-News: Marine Debris meeting, GoMRI outreach, AGU Meeting, and more.
  • GOMA November E-News: GoMCon, new stewardship project, community leadership award, and more.
  • GOMA October E-News: Action Plan IV, GoMCon, DEI Fellowship, and more.
  • GOMA September E-News: hurricane assistance, Team Meetings, GoMCon, diamondback terrapins, DWHPT, and more.
  • GOMA August E-News: Mid Year Meetings, Tool Time, Baffin Bay HABs economics study, Motiva joins Gulf Star, and more.
  • GOMA July E-News: Mid-Year Meetings, Tool Time Season 2, AGU Joint Session, and GOMA highlights.
  • GOMA June E-News: Mid-Year Meetings, Embrace the Gulf, Water Quality Economics RFP, and more.
  • GOMA May E-News: Gulf Sediment Gap Analysis, Texas Water Quality RFP, Tool Time with Dave, Homeowners Handbook, and more.
  • GOMA April E-News: Save the Date, 2021 Gulf Star Projects, GoMCon Recap, Embrace the Gulf, and more.
  • GOMA March E-News:  Seagrass Status and Trends, Embrace the Gulf 2021, GoMCon Q&A with Jack Davis, Oyster Workshop Recap, and more.
  • GOMA February E-News: 2020 Gulf Star Report, Monitoring Community of Practice, GoMCon Panelists, Oyster Management Workshop, and more.
  • GOMA January E-News: Bringing Together Resilience and Conservation Tools, Fully Serving the Underserved Workshop, and more.