Priorities for Resilient Coastal Communities

Resilience is the capacity of human and natural/physical systems to adapt to and recover from change. To continue to enjoy living and receiving the benefits these coastal areas have to offer, there is a need to make the natural, built, and social environments more resilient by:

  • Making adjustments to day-to-day living, as well as adjustments to processes of long-term settlement and development of coastal areas
  • Building economic resilience for the Gulf region to sustain and grow the region’s economic prosperity
  • Assessing risks to natural and built environments to future disasters and taking action to mitigate those risks


Long-term Goals

  • Provide enhancements for coastal communities, ecosystems, and economies to become more resilient to coastal hazards
  • Increase the understanding of coastal hazards risks associated with living, working, and doing business in the Gulf region by residents and visitors
  • Incorporate state-of-the-art mitigation methods for reducing risks and enhancing resilience
  • Encourage growing numbers of communities, businesses, and individuals to adopt new methods for risk mitigation and resilience