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Priorities for Healthy Beaches and Seafood


Photo: Texas Parks and Wildlife Division

To help ensure healthy beaches and safe seafood in our coastal areas, the Alliance has identified four water quality priorities that will guide the partnership’s efforts:

  • Reducing risk of exposure to disease-causing pathogens in coastal waters,
  • Minimizing occurrence and effects of harmful algal blooms (HABs),
  • Identifying sources of mercury in Gulf seafood, and
  • Improving monitoring of Gulf water resources.

These issues are far-reaching and are best addressed through regional-scale efforts such as the Alliance.

Long-term Goals

  • Develop a monitoring network that identifies the sources of pathogens and their impacts
  • Implement a HAB tracking and forecasting system that supports the reduction or elimination of blooms and can be used to minimize the negative effects
  • Reduce the risk of mercury-induced health effects from Gulf seafood consumption
  • Develop a monitoring network that provides vital information about the status and trends of Gulf water quality