The interdependencies between human and natural environments are rarely accounted for in the development of plans or planning tools, which have historically focused on one or the other. The Gulf of Mexico Alliance helps facilitate better communication between activities. It serves as a coordination point around which relevant conservation, restoration, socio-economic, and resiliency data and tools are developed and managed to inform the decision-making of the wide array of stakeholders across the Gulf Coast.

The goal of this cross-team initiative is to foster greater integration among planning aspects of restoration, conservation, and resiliency to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of on the ground efforts.

There is a strong relationship between human activities in the Gulf coastal zone that underlie both human and natural system resiliency planning. Human resilience, natural habitat conservation, and restoration planners need a platform to discuss integrating natural habitats with human use so that the interdependencies of both are realized and planning efforts can be coordinated.

Team Facilitators

  • Rhonda Price, Mississippi Department of Marine Resources
    Coastal Resilience Priority Issue Team
  • Jim Pahl, Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority
    Habitat Resources Priority Issue Team
  • Robin Reichers, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
    Wildlife & Fisheries Priority Issue Team