• Fostering Resilient Building Practices  Smart Home America

    This project educates decision-makers on state-based mitigation programs, policies, and tools to promote resilient building practices and trains them in the FORTIFIED Home Program.  This program helps homeowners become more resilient by strengthening their homes against severe weather.
    Project Location: Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas

  • Pointe-Au-Chien Community Resilience First People’s Conservation Council, Louisiana Sea Grant, and Lowlander Center

    Focused on improving community resilience for the Pointe-Au-Chien Indian Tribe in coastal Louisiana, this project assists the community in performing a self-assessment and implementing habitat restoration and resilience projects to address identified vulnerabilities.
    Project Location: Louisiana


  • Monitoring and Metadata Catalog University of South Florida Water Institute

    Expanding an intuitive and interactive online mapping interface used to catalog monitoring sites and management areas, this project expands the current Florida-focused Terra-CAT and Water-CAT platforms to Alabama, with a vision of growing to cover the entire Gulf region.
    Project Location: Alabama

  • Living Shoreline Data Inventory, Gap Analysis, and Geodatabase Gulf Coast Research Lab

    To enhance the success of current and future living shoreline projects, this project identifies existing shoreline habitat datasets across the Gulf states and gaps in coverage.  The results will be accessible in a publically-available geodatabase.
    Project Location: Gulfwide


  • Incorporating Socio-Economic Indicators into the Community Resilience Index Harte Research Institute

    This project assesses how socio-economic and ecosystem service indicators can be incorporated into the Community Resilience Index (CRI). These indicators capture the benefits we receive from natural features and projects such as living shorelines.
    Project Location: Gulfwide/Texas


  • Watershed Monitoring with Underserved High School Students Mobile Baykeeper

    This project provides classroom and hands-on training to teach students at LeFlore High School in Mobile, Alabama about issues impacting water quality, training them in water monitoring, and empowering them to become active environmental stewards.
    Project Location: Alabama

  • Video Case Studies Mississippi State University Television Center and Dauphin Island Sea Lab

    Outreach videos highlighting coastal community resilience and marine debris projects, emphasizing success stories and providing inspiration for other coastal communities Gulfwide.
    Project Location: Gulfwide


  • Seagrass Status and Trends CNL World Consultants

    This project addresses the need for an update and re-assessment of seagrass resources across the Gulf.  The last comprehensive seagrass assessment was conducted more than a decade ago and was limited in the type of data that was available at that time.
    Project Location: Gulfwide

  • Sea Level Rise Workshop

    TBD – This project will bring together experts from around the Gulf region to develop recommendations on sea level rise science for stakeholders to use in future modeling efforts.
    Project Location: Gulfwide


  • Citizen Science Water Monitoring in the Florida Panhandle University of Florida

    This project expands “Water Watch”, a community-based volunteer coastal water quality monitoring program, to three counties in the Florida panhandle and fills data gaps identified by local governments and organizations.
    Project Location: Florida

  • Louisiana Inshore to Offshore Water Monitoring  Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

    Filling a critical water quality monitoring gap in coastal Louisiana, this project establishes a new monitoring transect from the coast into the open Gulf.  These data will improve understanding of baseline conditions for restoration, water quality dynamics, and changes in the Gulf dead zone.
    Project Location: Louisiana


  • Understanding Recovery and Species Use of Restored Habitats Abt Associates

    Focusing on fish, shrimp, and crab use of oyster reefs, this project updates resources, analyzes data, and develops a user-friendly guidebook summarizing the key factors that affect species recovery following coastal habitat restoration projects.
    Project Location: Gulfwide