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July means summer fun, but it’s also a good time to make sure you are prepared for the peak of hurricane season. Now is the time to make a plan to keep your family, home, and community save from hurricanes and other severe weather. The Homeowner’s Handbook to Prepare for Natural Disasters is a FREE resource for Gulf Coast residents to understand and prepare for hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, and more. The handbook is customized with information specifically for your state. It covers essential information on emergency preparation, evacuation, insurance, and steps to make your home more resilient to storms.

Hurricane Season Tips:

  1. Download a copy of the Homeowner’s Handbook to Prepare for Natural Disasters. This FREE guide for homeowners AND renters includes information from leading experts in disaster response, recovery, and construction.
  2. Know the risks to your home and make a plan to evacuate if you need to leave because of flooding or high winds.
  3. Buy a few extra items each shopping trip t have an emergency kit stocked and ready. Think of things you’ll need to last each person in your family (including pets!) at least three days after a storm.
  4. Be prepared in case the power goes out. Stock up on batteries for a radio and flashlights, keep gas in your vehicle, and have cash in hand. Remember, gas pumps and ATMs don’t work without power!
  5. Get to know your neighbors. Your neighbors and local community will be the first ones to help after a disaster.

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