Coastal Community Resilience Team

Coastal Community Resilience Team

Communities that prepare for short and long-term coastal impacts and consider hazard risks in planning are able to recover from disasters more quickly.

The Gulf of Mexico Alliance Coastal Community Resilience Team develops strategies and tools that improve access to resources and actively engage diverse perspectives. Actions are focused on the regional ability to respond to natural and man-made hazards, including risk communication techniques and resilience assessments as well as a variety of coastal adaptation and planning methods.

Learn more about the Team’s focus areas and actions in the Governors’ Action Plan for Healthy and Resilient Coasts.

team goals

  • Increase communication, awareness, and knowledge of tools and resources to assist coastal stakeholders in becoming more resilient and sustainable
  • Promote the assessment of coastal risks and the availability of resilience and restoration products for those who live, work, visit, and do business in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Promote adaptation, mitigation, and restoration as strategies to preserve heritage, conserve natural resources, and support the economic viability of the coast