bird nesting on rooftop with rocks

Our partners at the National Audubon Society are monitoring several beach nesting bird species, including terns and plovers, in Louisiana. Many of the birds that nest on coastal beaches are declining in numbers because of habitat loss, disturbance by people, and nest predation. Some birds are even nesting on rooftops in New Orleans because they don’t have access to suitable beach habitat. “It’s a very unnatural place for birds to nest of course, but because of the coastal squeeze that they’re feeling, birds are having to go to rooftops,” said Kara Fox, director of Gulf Coast Restoration with the National Audubon Society. “We see that a lot in Florida too.”

Audubon’s work to help these beach nesting bird species includes monitoring, measures to protect birds during the nesting season, and public education.

Want to be a part of this project? Participate in the Audubon Coastal Bird Survey held every fall, winter, and spring or join the Wildlife & Fisheries priority issue team.

This project is supported by Freeport McMoRan through our Gulf Star program. Gulf Star provides funding for projects that support healthy beaches, clean waters, productive ecosystems, and thriving coastal communities. All projects in the Gulf Star Program accomplish actions identified by the Alliance’s Priority Issue Teams and Cross-Team Initiatives in the Governors’ Action Plan for Healthy and Resilient Coasts. To learn more about becoming a Gulf Star partner, contact Becky Ginn, GOMA Development Director .