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The marshes fringing our bayous and bays are part of what makes the Gulf Coast a special place. Take time this month to enjoy the beauty, resilience, and diversity of these naturally beautiful wetlands.

  • One of the most important roles wetlands play is as a sponge, absorbing and storing floodwaters. An acre of wetland can store 1-1.5 million gallons, equal to 25,000 bathtubs full of water!
  • Wetlands act as a filter to improve water quality by absorbing nutrients and pollution, making the water cleaner and clearer.
  • Salt marshes are a nursery and home for more than 75% of the seafood species we enjoy eating, including fish, shrimp, and blue crabs.
  • Marshes, mangroves, and seagrass beds absorb and store large amounts of carbon, reducing impacts from climate hazards.
  • Marshes reduce wave action from currents and storms, protecting our homes and communities.

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