This month’s #staffprofile focuses on Alma Robichaux, our Education and Engagement Team Project Coordinator and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion internship program coordinator. While Alma is fairly new to GOMA, she has been a staple in the Gulf of Mexico world since the 90s. Scroll through our photos to learn more about Alma.

For starters

Alma lives in her hometown of Thibodaux, LA. When she is not there, she is either visiting her second home in Grand Isle, Louisiana, r traveling to Puerto Rico, where she works part time as a scientific diver for a coral restoration project.

Alma has a bachelors in science from Spring Hill College, and a masters in marine science from University of South Alabama. Before coming to GOMA, Alma worked for the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program (BTNEP) as the Education/Outreach Coordinator (2010-2022), the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) (2005-2010), and Dauphin Island Sea Lab (1989-1997).

What she loves about GOMA

GOMA gets things done! There is so much going on all the time to better the collaboration on the Gulf Coast. So many wonderful projects from energetic, engaged partners. GOMA All Hands and GOMCOM are top-notch conferences. The staff is amazing to work with as well. This is a fun and rewarding job!

What she loves most about the Gulf of Mexico?

I am not a fisherman but I love seafood. The Gulf brings the diversity of many habitats that provide food, activity and economic prosperity to the whole United States.

Proudest moments

I received GOMA Gulf Star funding that allowed me to bring hundreds of underserved/underrepresented students to the Louisiana coast. Most lived less than 100 miles from the coast and had never seen the beach and the expansive marshes that provide protection from storms and an abundance of seafood.

GOMA’s future

One of my tasks is to involve more of the underserved populations. I would love to see more connections made and more voices heard from the lower income communities. Representation of all that live along the coast would make a positive difference in so many lives and the health of the Gulf!