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Join us every other month, on the last Wednesday, for an informative hour on a current Gulf of Mexico Alliance topic.

2:00 pm central / 3:00 pm Eastern
Pre-registration is not required.

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Upcoming Webinars

Vulnerability and Adaptation Planning | Jim Pahl, LA Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority
March 25, 2020

Learn more about the Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment and upcoming efforts to develop a Gulf Coast Adaptation and Resilience Plan, focused on sea level rise data needs and modeling for wildlife, habitats, and communities.

Stakeholder Resources for Living Shorelines | Renee Collini and Sara Martin, Northern Gulf of Mexico Sentinel Site Cooperative
May 27, 2020

Learn about new resources to help property owners, contractors, and consultants across the Gulf find information on living shoreline design, construction, cost, and permitting.

Economic Impacts of Harmful Algal Blooms | Valerie Seidel and Craig Diamond, The Balmoral Group
July 29, 2020

This project quantifies key connections between economic outcomes and coastal health. Data on tourism, housing sales, and fishing activity were analyzed and combined with GIS data on recent Florida HAB events. A dashboard tool allows resource managers easy access to these data in one location.

New Tools for Data Sharing: GOMA CAT and the Gulf of Mexico Open Data Platform | Shawn Landry and Jan Allyn, University of South Florida, Kathy Goodin and Pete Cutter, Nature Serve
September 30, 2020

Two new tools are available to improve data sharing in the Gulf of Mexico. GOMA CAT expands an intuitive and interactive online mapping tool for monitoring sites and management areas. The Gulf of Mexico Open Data Platform provides one source where users can easily discover, understand, and sue standardized habitat data.

Diamondback Terrapin Conservation Plan | Tom Mohrman, The Nature Conservancy
November 18, 2020

This project creates a stakeholder driven conservation plan for diamondback terrapins, a turtle species of concern in the Gulf of Mexico. The plan provides a central source for terrapin information in the Gulf and recommendations to prevent and reverse declines in terrapin populations and their habitats.


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