sunset downtown austin with river in background words Gulf of Mexico Alliance All Hands Meeting 2023

More than 400 members of state and federal government, academia, non-profits, and industry will gather June 26-29 in Austin, Texas, to focus on the environmental and economic health of the Gulf of Mexico as part of the Gulf of Mexico Alliance’s 2023 All Hands Meeting.

“This meeting brings together those who are focused on making the Gulf of Mexico a healthier and more vibrant place to live and play,” said the Alliance’s Executive Director, Laura Bowie, about the meeting being held at the AT&T Hotel and Conference Center. “And what comes out of that are fresh ideas that will improve quality of life for all those who call the region home.”

Teams will focus on priority issues that impact the region as a whole and that were selected and approved by the governors of the five Gulf states as part of the Governors’ Action Plan IV for Healthy and Resilient Coasts.

The goal will be to plan projects that will address the following priority issues: wildlife and fisheries, water quality, habitat resources, coastal community resilience, environmental education, data and monitoring, and marine debris.

In addition, the Alliance will be hosting a Binational Planning Workshop, where partners from Mexico will be on hand to discuss how to work together to improve the shared ecosystems of the Gulf of Mexico.

To attend the All Hands Meeting 2023, join a priority issue team, or learn more, visit